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Westgate Seeds employ work & travel foreigners in our Seed Grading season.

Below are some comments that were written for future employees to understand that we offer a genuine farm job with good working and living conditions.  

Also, Westgate Seeds is registered for 417 Second Year visa. 

Comments from Past German Employees

I lived and worked also holidayed with the Dent family for a period of 5 months, I spent a couple of months working far out in the West with Russell, who, as his wife Vonnie, became lasting friends to me.

I will always remember the many different farms and farmers we with worked for & the great times and experience.                                                                           

Björn 2012 ~ Germany






After 3 days travel and 3500kms later I arrived at the Westgate Seeds farm and that same evening, I could already feel part of the family.  Russell introduced me to everything & was patient at all times. Work on the seed grader was a bit dusty other than that it was quite interesting and I learnt a little about improvisation. 

Russell took me to Farm Fest – a great day.  Food and accommodation was all good. Actually, I really enjoyed Vonnie’s cooking and I miss the “perfect coffee” from Russell!                                               

Michael 2014 ~ Germany





One of my best decisions and experiences in Australia was to go to Dalby, to the farm. You can calm down a bit from the East Coast, get to know nice people and the job isn’t too difficult.

If it’s seed grading season you will get to see more of Queensland landscape – if renovating houses, you learn those skills.                                                               

Mario 2015 ~ Germany







Working at Westgate Seedswas the best adventure in my life, to work for Russell and to live with his family. 

The job was never boring because you drive from farm to farm always experiencing different things and you talk to different farmers and sometimes if you’re in luck they invite you for dinner which is a nice experience.

Tobias 2017 ~ Germany







I had an amazing time while working together with Russell and staying with his lovely family. Through the week you travel with Russell and the Seed Grader from farm to farm & meet different farmers and learn about their lifestyle.  On the weekend, you come back to Russell’s little farm near to Dalby and do different jobs which were interesting. 

For myself those little jobs on the weekend and to travel that far out west was a really nice experience. 

But the best part was to meet Russell who became a really good mate and to be part of his family for this time.                         

Thomas 2018 ~ Germany